"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."


...the ultimate package of HEALTHY SMOOTHIE STAPLES with a value of $350! We’ve partnered up with some of our very favourite small businesses from around the Maritimes to put together a power-packed goodie basket to optimize smoothies + overall health!

3 Bags of Millennia Superfood TEA + 1 glass Tea Tumbler
Millennia TEA is the world’s first freshly frozen TEA plant product, offering powerhouse antioxidants and whole plant nutrients.

2 Jars of Brettlyn Farms Honey (Raw Honey & Cinnamon Creamed Honey):
BrettLynn Farms is a NB Based company offering natural honey and beeswax products.

2 Bottles of Cultured Coconut:
The Cultured Coconut is a Fermented Organic Coconut Milk Probiotic. A natural synergy of live and active bacteria that contributes to healthy gut flora.

2 Bags of Earthli Hemp Protein Powder (Green Apple & Chocolate Flavours):
Earthli Protein is a 100% Canadian-owned producer of sustainably grown and zero-waste packaged plant-based superfood products.

1 Smoothie Immersion Blender.

Congratulations to our winner!

Natural & Canadian Made – Mother's Day Gift Guide

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”

A mother can come in many shapes and sizes. We want to wish a Happy Mother's day to all of the moms, the grandmoms, the foster moms, the stepmoms, the surrogate moms, moms to be, those longing to be moms, those who have lost their moms and anyone in your life who gives that beautiful mother figure feel. 

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Getting to know some faces behind Millennia TEA

A chat about motherhood

As a way to celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to ask our own TEAm here at Millennia Tea what being a mother means to them. It was such a lot of fun and very meaningful for us to put words to our most cherished role : “MOM.”