Frequently Asked Questions

For everyday wellness we typically recommend one cube blended OR one cube steeped (3x) per day. We also have many customers dealing with specific  concerns who opt to have multiple cubes per day. 

While there is no specific amount of tea plant you can have per day, one thing to consider is your personal caffeine tolerance. 1 cube has approximately 60 mg of caffeine.

If you're enjoying as a tea, You will get the majority of the caffeine in your first steeping, and only trace amounts in your second and third.

There is also an awesome caffeine regulator found in the stems called L-theanine, which is why you get the focused energy and clarity without the jitters or crash.

We are not doctors and always recommend you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Certainly, everyone’s health experiences are so personal, and we would encourage you to speak with your wellness advisor or doctor if you have any concerns with consuming the tea plant. 

A couple of things to discuss with your health provider:

1. There is a naturally-occurring caffeine in the tea plant and a caffeine regulator called L-theanine (60 or so mg/serving or less than 1/2 caffeine in a cup of coffee)

2. Our preservation process safeguards the maximum ammount of EGCG, the powerhouse antioxidant found prodominately in the tea plant.


3. The benefits of consuming the mighty tea plant:



Great question! Since the factors around weight gain/loss are so individualized, we would never make blanket promises around weight loss. Certainly, though, our product is a great support for metabolic function + maintaining a healthy weight because of the combination of caffeine + L-theanine and EGCG antioxidants. And we often hear from customers who have experienced really positive results in achieving a healthier weight. We truly believe that a healthy mind, body & soul starts from within. 

It is also a great option/support for intermitent fasting. It provides hydration and may help to curb appetite, while providing support on a cellular level. 

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Depending on the format, our product contains roughly 60 mg of caffeine. By comparison, A small medium roast coffee from Starbucks has 170 mg of caffeine. There is also an awesome caffeine regulator in the tea plant called L-theanine, which is why you get the focused energy and clarity without the jitters or crash. 

While we would never presume to advise a pregnant or nursing mother on caffeine intake, most experts agree consuming 300 mg of caffeine per day is entirely safe. (This depends entirely on the individual and we recommend anyone with questions consult their wellness advisor). 

Also, worth noting, if consuming as tea, you'll get the majority of the caffeine in your first cup, and only trace amounts in your second and third steeping. However, antioxidants actually go up on second infusion, which is why we recommend people make at least 3 cups with each tea cube. 

One final thing to note: we are the only tea company globally that we are aware of that washes our tea leaves after harvest. And certainly, the leaves are certified organic and fair trade from our growing partners in Sri Lanka, as we know these things are important during pregnancy & while nursing.  

☝ Fun Fact
Our freshly frozen tea leaves contain L-Theanine, a natural caffeine regulator. Studies show that L-Theanine can be highly effective for children and adults with ADHD because it supports relaxation, focus and better sleep.

🔋 Caffeine
Our product contains roughly 60 mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving (about 1/2 cup of coffee). 

The recommended safe caffeine limit for children ages 12-18 is 100mg per day, for younger children always use your discretion and follow doctors recommendations.

🍵 Steep 3 X
When steeping our tea leaves, you'll get the majority of the caffeine in your FIRST steeping, however because you can re-steep the leaves up to 3x, antioxidants actually go up on your second and third. You can always steep the leaves once for Tea and then toss them in your littles smoothie for a superfood, antioxidant boost. 

We personally use one serving of leaves per blenderful and divide amongst the whole family or use already steeped leaves.

There are a few things to consider. Our product has around 60 mg of caffeine (less than or equal to a half cup of coffee). One of our biggest differentiators is that our leaves can be (and should be) steeped multiple times during the day! You will actually get the majority of the caffeine in your first cup of tea, and only trace amounts in your second and third steeping. However, antioxidants go up on second infusion, which is why we recommend people steep at least 3 cups. There is also an awesome caffeine regulator in the tea plant called L-theanine, which is why you get the focused energy and clarity without the jitters or crash. 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, we recommend you enjoy your first steeping early in the day and then have your second and third later in the day or before bed. There is also some good research to show the benefits of L-Theanine and sleep

Fun Fact: All tea comes from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. But its not just tea...The mighty tea plant gets its superfood status for its ability to help heal the body’s cells – nourishing them and helping prevent and battle diseases. The role antioxidants play in the prevention of disease has positioned the tea plant as ideal superfood in functional nutrition. 

It fights inflammation, supports a strong immune system and has the ability to promote heart healthcognitive functionlongevityenergypositive mood and alertness.


Millennia TEA offers the mighty tea plant in a way that you can enjoy it as a  daily superfood. To reep the benefits, you can:

  • Blend it.
  • Steep it.
  • Cook it. 

SMOOTHIE | RECIPE ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER:  Pop a cube or some loose leaves in your favourite smoothie for an antioxidant and energy boost. Many customers love to first enjoy a cup of hot tea and then scoop the steeped leaves into their smoothie afterwards.  You can also use the mighty tea plant to add immune-boosting nutrients to your soups, stews, or omelettes. Simply toss in and prepare your recipe as you usually would. 

The stems are REALLY good for you! L-theanine levels (the amazing amino acid / caffeine regulator that helps ease anxiety, promotes clarity, Zen-like focus, good sleep, brain functioning) are higher in the tea stem than the tea leaves themselves, so brew them up and use them too!


HOT TEA (Suggested 400ml serving, please adjust water amount and steeping time to personal preference):

1. Put 1 cube, 1 Tbsp of chopped Tea – or – a small handful of loose tea in your tea infuser or directly into a mug or pot.
2. Fill up with boiling water.
3. Steep 6-7 minutes.
4. Enjoy!

Note: No need to remove your tea leaves. You can leave them steeping continuously, and just keep re-adding boiling water throughout the day to the same leaves. Antioxidants go up on second infusion (i.e. your second cup), and keep performing well on third infusion, so please re-infuse your serving of tea multiple times. Tip: use your "steeped out" leaves in a smoothie!

Other ways to use your TEA - The tea is also enjoyed chilled. Simply steep as normal and serve over ice. 

BLENDED: The healthiest way to consume the mighty tea plant is to put it in the blender with hot or cold water or added into a smoothie. This way, you consume the entire leaf and get the maximum health benefits.

Steeping it like any other loose-leaf tea will still give you a significantly higher serving of antioxidants than a quality green tea or matcha.  You can re-steep the leaves three times. Lots of our customers brew up a cup to start, then use the leaves to add antioxidants to their morning omelette or family's smoothie. 

OTHER USES: We wash our leaves and we are totally food grade, so you can use the tea leaves as a main ingredient in your smoothies, soups, or sauces. Find our recipes here! 

It’s entirely up to you! The leaves will sink to the bottom of your mug/tea pot as they steep. When sipping, a few tiny bits may float up, but it’s actually encouraged that you consume them (they’re really good for you). Alternatively, you can opt to use a infuser or strainer based off of personal preference and convenience. OR Skip the steeping all together and toss into your smoothie for maximum benefit. 

We encourage you to just keep adding hot water to your leaves throughout the day. No need to remove them from your mug if you don’t want to… They won’t get bitter, and antioxidants go up on second infusion, so you want to re-infuse them multiple times. If you enjoy a cup today and decide not to make another until tomorrow, just place your mug or infuser into the FRIDGE overnight (no need to put tea back in the freezer once it has been steeped) and steep it again the following day.

Or, if you want to have a cup of tea today and then use the leaves to give an antioxidant boost to your morning smoothie, that’s another idea.

Tip: We always recommend you toss your steeped leaves into a smoothie or recipe rather than throwing them out, there’s still lots of goodness left!

Loose-leaf TEA:
A serving size is a generous pinch or small handful, approximately 7-8 leaves. You’ll want to cover the bottom of your mug. We recommend adding 400 ml of boiling water. 

Chopped TEA:
The standard serving size is 1 Tbsp. However, one reason we developed this format was for a customizable serving size. Enjoy choosing what works best for you!

The difference is that we wash + flash freeze, fresh-picked organic tea leaves, instead of drying + cooking them like conventional green tea. This means, it’s not just tea, but also a superfood that can be added to any smoothie or recipe. 

The result: 1 serving of our tea / 1 tea cube will give you as many antioxidants & associated benefits as drinking 5 cups of green tea. When consumed as food, you’ll get even more. (As much as 15 x the antioxidants). Also - Because we’re a loose leaf product, you don’t have to worry about the microplastics and toxins found in tea bags. 

Another difference: Our leaves do not have the common bitter aftertaste you get from traditional green teas - it tastes light & fresh from the field because we keep the leaves in their most real, raw form

We are also the only company that we know of, that washes their tea leaves after harvesting. Just clean, organic, goodness 💚

Organic Camellia sinensis leaves a.k.a. tea leaves. That’s it.

No pesticides, artificial flavours, sugars, additives etc. The leaves are picked, washed and flash frozen within hours. 

We’re a Canadian company; our team is based in Saint John, NB.

As an origin, Canada does not have the climate to grow tea. The most antioxidant-rich plants (which is our focus) grow at high altitudes in tropical / subtropical regions with high humidity and good rainfall. We’ve travelled to a number of countries sourcing top quality, farmer-direct tea, and found the perfect partners in Sri Lanka.

The fields are nestled in the mountains, 8,000ft above sea level. The plants are mature, rich in antioxidants, and beautifully organic, hand-picked by families who have worked the land for generations. Our teas are then washed (we’re the only tea company we know of that washes tea leaves), and flash frozen in a BRC-certified facility (only organic produce is allowed through the door). We do this to maximize the fresh taste and preserve antioxidants that would otherwise be depleted during the drying + cooking processes associated with conventional tea-making.

We love our Sri Lankan partners (who have family in Canada .. and we have visited together in Halifax and Toronto in recent months), and they are global leaders in sustainability, fair trade and sharing the highest-grade organic superfoods. We LOVE them and consider them family. More info than you asked for, we know, but we are very proud of where we come from. 

Yes! You can find us in the Frozen section of many retailers across Canada, including Sobeys, Safeway, Loblaws, Whole Foods and many independent health food stores. Click to find the location closest to you.

When blended into a smoothie or recipe, the taste is virtually indetectable, it blends in similar to any green or spinach. 

When steeped as a tea, both the scent and flavour are light, refreshing and mild. As conventional teas are dried, heated and handled, the flavour gets more pronounced. Because we minimize exposure to heat, light and air to safeguard the maximum amount of antioxidants, our teas maintain that fresh-from-the-field quality and taste. They don't have the bitterness or astringency of conventional green teas.

It’s true that we are priced on par with the highest quality superfoods, organic green teas &  matchas. There are a few reasons why…

1. Because we are on a mission to fuel wellness with our patented process to offer the FRESHEST and MOST antioxidant-rich superfood tea product ANYWHERE (seriously). We source the top-performing organic tea leaves from the mountains of Sri Lanka and package them in a way that they can be enjoyed daily.

2. We are farmer direct and fair trade, meaning we buy directly from the farmers and pay the workers a higher wage than most. This is extremely important to us and non-negotiable.

3. We are pioneering an all-new way of sharing the tea plant to maximize the health benefits. This means those factors, combined with higher distribution costs than dried teas and superfoods because we ship frozen, are considerations in our pricing strategy. When broken down, the price per serving is less than what many folks pay everyday for a beverage or shake of much lesser quality at a coffee shop. 

We understand that your health can be an investment and we offer a money back guaran-TEA on all of our products. 

Great question! 1 serving of our product has roughly 60mg of caffeine (less than or equal to a half cup of coffee).

When enjoyed steeped as a tea, one of our biggest differentiators is that our leaves can be (and should be) steeped multiple times during the day! You will actually get the lion’s share of the caffeine in your first cup of tea, and only trace amounts in your second and third steeping. However, antioxidants go up on second infusion, which is why we recommend people to steep at least 3 cups. There is also an awesome caffeine regulator in freshly frozen tea called L-theanine, which is why you get the focused energy and clarity without the jitters or crash

Because our mission is to safeguard THE most antioxidants possible in the mighty tea leaf to promote maximum health, we use individual freshness seals. Unfortunately, the compostable bag options on the market today don’t provide enough barrier to protect superfood products such as ours and the Canadian recycling industry is not equipped to handle the recyclable options on the market - YET. 

But we hear you and this is very important to us as well. The packaging industry is evolving quickly, and we’re expectant more sustainable options will be available soon. In the meantime, we ship all of our boxes with compostable hemp insulation instead of Styrofoam. We also seek out Canadian suppliers who print digitally, using organic inks, with machines that eliminate overruns - which reduces a huge amount of waste and vs. conventional packaging companies. 

We’ve recently switched to bulk orders and bundles to reduce shipping frequency and materials required. 

Please know this is something we’re looking at continuously.

Browse the Shop Page and add your desired product to the cart. Add a special note to your order if necessary & click checkout. Enter all shipping and billing information or login to your existing account. On this screen you’ll also have the option to enter a discount code or redeem a gift card. Click continue to shipping, review your order and click pay now. 

We offer FREE shipping on all orders! We currently only ship within Canada, but hope to expand to the US and beyond soon. Please follow along our journey to provide the world with the most antioxidant rich tea, anywhere!

You will receive your order 2-9 Days after purchase, depending on when your order is placed.

Our order cut off is Sundays at midnight AST for delivery the following week.  (For example, if you place your order prior to Sunday at midnight, you’ll receive your order the following week, if you place your order after Sunday at midnight AST, you will receive it within the 2 weeks following.)

Orders will arrive on Tuesday through Thursday. You will receive an e-mail update once your order has been dispatched. 

If you do not receive your order within this timeframe, please let us know at

All orders are packed with enough dry ice to survive the 2-3 day journey. Once your order has arrived, it will need to be placed into the freezer as soon as possible. 

It’s not as scary as it sounds. Just be mindful not to touch it with your bare hands. Its best to remove your Millennia TEA and set the box out of reach of children and pets. The dry ice will sublimate (disappear) within 24 hours and then the box can be recycled. Note: Do not place dry ice in sinks, bathtubs or toilets. 

Like other frozen produce, the tea should be kept frozen until you are ready to prepare it. If left at room temperature over several hours, the tea will thaw. We package our tea cubes in vacuum-sealed individual freshness seals to preserve the product integrity and we ship by courier on dry ice. If you realize the tea has been left out of the freezer, get it right back in and it should be fine. 

The chopped and loose versions are a bit more sensitive, however as long as the leaves remained cold, are still green in colour and placed back into the freezer as soon as possible, the taste and benefit should not be impacted. However, if you have any concerns contact us directly at

We have package all of our online orders into bundles in order to reduce our environmental impact. Shipping frozen requires special packaging and dry ice, shipping anything less than that would not make sense. This way we’re able to reduce packaging & shipping frequency, improve our environmental impact, all while stocking up your freezer with goodness. We understand this is a substantial amount of product to try, so we offer a Money Back Guaran-TEA on all products.

Please note – We do sell single bags in retail stores across Canada.Click here to find a store near you.

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