Motherhood Q&A with Director of Marketing, Bekah

Motherhood Q&A with Director of Marketing, Bekah

Two years ago, as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to a ask our own TEAm here at Millennia Tea what being a mother means to them. So much has changed over the past few years, so we thought we'd ask again to put renewed words to our most cherished role: "mom."

We hope you enjoy and feel like this helps you get to know some faces behind our FRESH TEA brand a little more.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. We appreciate you all so much!

Enjoy this chat about motherhood with Bekah Glass, our Director of Marketing 💚

Tell us about yourself:
Hi y’all!  I’m a southern belle who married an Aussie. We’re raising two Canadian kids up north. I love being outside as much as possible, but I love a Sunday nap equally. I’m an Enneagram 7 and my love language is quality time. I did beauty pageants as a kid, but my dream was to play in the WNBA (my friends still make fun of this one). I care a lot about health, wellness, and continually growing as a person. I also believe anything “pickled” is the most superior food group.  

The one thing you hope you’ve taught your children:
I can’t choose just one….but here are a few:
- To choose to love themselves and others without judgement or shame.
-That striving for perfection personally or in relationships is a bad goal that leads to disappointment.
- To show up for others - when they need us, when they need an ally, when they need a helping hand…
- To never talk badly about people. Period. We believe the best and understand that people aren’t perfect and deserve room to work things out in their own timing.  

Best Advice on Motherhood you’ve ever gotten?
Teach children to strive for their own approval, not mine (or anybody else’s).

Your fave way to practice self-care or self-love?
A long walk by myself, a good playlist, and zero time limit.

What’s in your daily health 'tool kit'?
I start my day with movement. I need to move to get my head in the right space to show up for my family, myself and my career. Here’s my daily run-down:

  • I drink hot lemon water every morning and practice Intermittent Fasting.
  • I prioritize sleep and drink tons of water.
  • I truly believe “food is medicine”. Every day, I consume a green smoothie with celery, lemon, raw ginger, cucumber, Millennia TEA Superfood Cube, + chia seeds.
  • The supplements I make sure to take daily are Omega 3 oils, Multi-vitamin and a high-quality magnesium (for a supplement brand – I love Orange Naturals).

Your Motherhood Mantra:
Stop. Be present and intentional. Always remember that the life happening right in front of you is far more important than the past or a task list.