Motherhood Q&A with CEO + Co-Founder, Tracy

Motherhood Q&A with CEO + Co-Founder, Tracy

Two years ago, as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to a ask our own TEAm here at Millennia Tea what being a mother means to them. So much has changed over the past few years, so we thought we'd ask again to put renewed words to our most cherished role: "mom."

We hope you enjoy and feel like this helps you get to know some faces behind our FRESH TEA brand a little more.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. We appreciate you all so much!

Enjoy this chat about motherhood with Tracy Bell, our CEO + Co-Founder 

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a mom and an entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. I love to be surrounded by people who have fun and who know more than me. I am happiest playing in the water with friends and family. And I’m a really good cribbage player 😊

How many children do you have:
Two kids: Sydney, our daughter, is 14 and in Gr. 9 | Our son Lincoln is 11 and in Gr. 6.

The one thing you hope you’ve taught your children:
You are perfect and complete just the way you are, and 100% worthy of all the good you want to be, do, or have in this world.

Self love is your most powerful gift to yourself and to the world; it’s the starting place from which all good things are created. 

Best Advice on Motherhood you’ve ever gotten?
Your job is to love them, especially when they make mistakes and face hard things. Your job is not to shield them from the hard things. Those are the times they will learn and grow and become better equipped to find meaning and appreciation for all the experiences life has to offer.  

Your fave way to practice self-care or self-love?
A walk in the woods with our 2yr old boxer-mix Oakley.

What’s in your daily health 'tool kit'?
My personal health philosophy is simple: NUTRIENTS FIRST. My first ‘food’ of the day is a green smoothie (w/lots of leafy greens, hemp protein, collagen, chia seeds, omega oil, lemon, ginger + turmeric root .. and (of course!) our frozen green tea). With that, I know I’m fueling my energy and supporting my longevity goals and can show up in the world the way I want to for my family, my TEAm, and my community.

A Daily Practice you prioritize:
Stillness and prayer. A few minutes of focused breathing or meditation and a prayer of thanks, and I’m ready to receive inspiration and take on the day’s challenges.

Your Motherhood Mantra:
My best is enough.

A recent book you’ve enjoyed:
I’m reading Power vs. Force right now. It’s about making decisions from a place of love and greater good.

What are you listening to? 
The Ed Mylett Show. He has incredible guests on his podcast and they go deep on all things life and business and personal growth, and the ~1hr episodes are the right length for a good walk or hike.