An entirely new kind of tea.

All teas start out with full, fresh, Camellia sinensis leaves.  We flash-freeze the process there to deliver tea like you’ve never had it before.

Pesticide Free

We work with a farmers’ coop in the highlands that border Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to deliver the freshest and most nutrient-rich teas anywhere.


The nutrients in our teas are just as high on second infusion, so go ahead and serve up another cup (or two!) using the same leaves.


Our fresh-leaf taste and totally new way of processing tea earned top honours at the 2017 World Tea Expo, with Millennia TEA being named Best New Product for Innovation.


At a little less than ½ of what you’d get in a cup of coffee, our fresh-leaf teas deliver about the same amount of caffeine as what you’d see in a green tea.