Introducing frozen superfood TEA

What is Millennia TEA?

Together with our partners in Sri Lanka, we pick, wash and flash-freeze our tea leaves. The result: a cup of tea as powerful as five cups of green tea, and the first food-grade tea to provide an antioxidant boost to your smoothies, sauces, soups and more.

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Millennia TEA vs. conventional green tea

This is new to me... How do I use the TEA?

Wait a minute... TEA leaves in my smoothie?

That's right!

Try our fave recipes below!

Millennia TEA three ways

1. STEEP X 3: Put 1 cube – or – a Tbsp of chopped tea in your tea infuser or directly into a mug or pot. Fill up with hot water (90°C). Steep 6-7mins (adjust as needed). Repeat three times to get the most out of your tea leaves.

2. BLEND: Pop a cube or some loose tea in your favourite smoothie or soup recipe for an antioxidant and energy boost. We love to first enjoy a cup of hot tea and then scoop the steeped leaves in a smoothie afterwards.

3. COOK: MIllennia TEA is versatile; you can also use fresh-leaf tea as a way to add immune-boosting nutrients to your soups, stews or omelettes. It won't alter the taste of your dishes!

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