Energizing Tropical Green Smoothie

Energizing Tropical Green Smoothie

By: Personal Chef & Recipe Creator, Danielle Dueck @thyme_to_nourish

You know I LOVE a good smoothie! Literally have one everyday. This Energizing Tropical Green Smoothie has been my go to lately as it has all the best superfoods (like Millennia Tea) to support my growing pregnant body, baby’s, & it gives me a boost of energy which is MUCH needed lately!

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This smoothie recipe is great for pregnancy* as it has loads of electrolytes (sooo much more needed during pregnancy than ever before), blood building nutrients like iron, a healthy dose of fibre (which helps keep that digestion 👌💩), healthy fats (needed for baby’s neurodevelopment AND are mood/blood sugar stabilizing for mama) AND the best antioxidants giving you (mama) a boost of energy and glow 💁‍♀️ Even if you aren’t pregnant you can still enjoy & get all the benefits from this smoothie! 

I love adding in Millennia Tea Cubes into my smoothies (especially this one). Not only do they give you a little boost in energy (but without the jitters of coffee) BUT they are also INCREDIBLY rich in antioxidants which are needed tenfold in pregnancy to help maintain your cardiovascular system (which DOUBLES), bones/joints & provide baby with the proper building block for their own! Plus they are a great smoothie add-on that you won’t even taste!

Recipe: Energizing Tropical Green Smoothie 🌴

- 1 cup frozen pineapple
- ½ cup strawberries
- 1 cup spinach
- 1 sprig of mint
- Juice of 1 lime
- 1/2 cup chopped cucumber
- 1 tsp pure vanilla
- ¼ of an avocado
- 1 tbsp chia seeds
- 1 Millennia TEA smoothie cube
- Coconut water to fill to 12 oz line

Optional add-in: neutral (or vanilla) protein powder if wanting more of a meal smoothie.

Add all ingredients EXCEPT liquid into a high speed blender. Once non liquid ingredients are added, add in your coconut water & fill it to the 12 oz line (adding your liquid last gives you the perfect amount for the perfect consistency). Blend on high until completely combined before pouring into a cup and enjoying!

**This recipe makes enough for 2 snack size smoothies or one meal sized smoothie.


*Disclaimer: Is it Safe for Pregnant or Nursing moms?

Depending on the format, each serving of our tea has somewhere between 30 and 50 mg of caffeine depending on slight size variation. By comparison, A small medium roast coffee from Starbucks has 170 mg of caffeine. There is also an awesome caffeine regulator in tea called L-theanine, which is why you get the focused energy and clarity without the jitters or crash.

While we would never presume to advise a pregnant or nursing mother on caffeine intake, most experts agree consuming 300 mg of caffeine per day is entirely safe. (This depends entirely on the individual and we recommend anyone with questions consult their wellness advisor).

Also, worth noting, you get the lion’s share of the caffeine in your first cup of tea, and only trace amounts in your second and third steeping. However, antioxidants actually go up on second infusion, which is why we recommend people make at least 3 cups with each tea cube. One final thing to note: we are the only tea company globally that we are aware of that washes our tea leaves after harvest. And certainly, the tea is all certified organic and fair trade from our growing partners in Sri Lanka, as we know these things are important during pregnancy & while nursing.