Fresh Plant Power

Undried, organic, frozen tea leaves

From Saint John to Sri Lanka and back again.

"A trip around the world"

Fair-trade is more than ensuring farmers are paid well and treated ethically – fair-trade farming helps promote environmentally friendly practices. And, a sustainable future is possible with the help of organic, fair trade farming. It is why we care deeply about building personal and sustainable relationships with our farmers and everyone involved to make our vision for Millennia TEA a reality.

Our dream for Millennia TEA from the start has been to help people from coast to coast (and eventually around the globe) have easy access to frozen green tea, so they can feel better and have more energy. We travelled to Sri Lanka and spent time in the fields. We got to know the farmers and families there and met with researchers.

Here's where our ongoing relationship started with Dr. Sarath Ranaweera, founder and chairman of Bio Foods and ultimately landed the company as a supplier, with its co-op ties. In 2014, the World Fairtrade Labelling Association awarded Ranaweera and the BRC-certified facility near the small-scale farms the first-ever title of “World’s Fairest Fairtrader.”

Fresh Millennia TEA leaves vs. Dried green tea

Research shows that the antioxidant Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has the broadest and most potent ability to protect your body’s cells from disease.

Studies found EGCG to be 100x more effective than Vitamin C and 25x more effective than Vitamin E at strengthening our immune system and protecting cells from free radical damage.

How to serve

1. Put 1 cube – or – a Tbsp of chopped tea in your tea infuser or directly into a mug or pot.
2. Fill up with 300 ml / 400 ml boiling water (90°C).
3. Steep 6-7 minutes.
4. Enjoy!

*Note: No need to remove your tea leaves. You can leave them steeping continuously and keep re-adding boiling water throughout the day to the same leaves. Antioxidants go up on second infusion and keep performing well on third infusion.

But there is more...

Have you heard about the versatility of Fresh leaf tea?

Millennia tea is food grade

A popular way to use our Superfood TEA Cubes or Chopped Organic TEA is as a smoothie booster and more! Consuming the TEA leaves increases the nutritients ingested. Curious?

Have a look at our recipes.