A Chat About Motherhood: Kim Dykeman

A Chat About Motherhood: Kim Dykeman

As a way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we decided to ask our own TEAm here at Millennia Tea what being a mother means to them. This year looks so different for all of us, so it was a lot of fun and very meaningful for us to put words to our most cherished role : “MOM”.

We hope you enjoy and feel like this helps you get to know some faces behind our FRESH TEA brand a little more.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. We appreciate you all so much!

Meet Kim Dykeman! Kim has her hand in all areas of the business. She manages both the books and people functions at Millennia TEA - keeping us on track and organized. Outside of work she loves to make spaces gorgeous, plays in a band, and her positive energy is infectious (The kind of thing you want to catch… too soon for the “infectious” references?)


Tell us a little about yourself:


I’m Kim Dykeman, and I currently work for Millennia TEA.  I am married to Andrew, and we have 3 children. Brittainy, Alexander and Abigail.  Our youngest has just finished her first year of college, and our oldest is married with a little girl of her own. Our son is in the middle, and is finishing up college after leaving the workforce and going back to school.    



Tell us about your journey in motherhood.

Well, it certainly was a journey.  My husband and I had just finished our first year of university when I discovered we were expecting. Not exactly perfect timing, but we had the most perfect little girl.  We were students with a little one, and that was definitely an adventure 😊 My husband’s last two years of university, he lived in one city(necessary to complete his engineering), and Brittainy and I lived in another(necessary for my pharmacy program).  Thankfully, the cities were only a couple hours away from each other, and so he was home every weekend, and sometimes through the week for a night.  He had just graduated and was starting his job when we discovered I was expecting our second baby.  A little better timing but was still a surprise!  We welcomed our son, just as our first was heading to kindergarten.  Fast forward 9 years, and our daughter Abigail arrived.  Yes, you guessed it.  Surprise!  



Tell us how becoming a mother changed you.

I think it has made me a better person.  A less selfish person.  A humbler person.  As a young woman, I had never really planned or thought about being a mom.   But I have to say, it is the most rewarding and simultaneously difficult job I have ever had, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Ok... maybe I could have done without the sleep deprivation bit, and a few other small things, but overall, I would not go back and change anything!  I love being a mother.


What is the hardest part of juggling work and motherhood?

That is not an issue these days 😊

I can remember though, when the kids started to get into their extracurricular activities (hockey and school stuff) and Andrew was working shift work, it got a bit dicey.  Thankfully, I have always held jobs that were extremely flexible, and we could usually make it work.  I did have to learn to let some things go though.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received on parenting?

I’m not sure it came in the form of advice as such, but more of an overall understanding of how my family worked.  My dad and mom were a team.  We understood that growing up.  My dad came first for my mom, and my mom came first for my dad, and they parented us from the place of them being a couple first.  I think that is a very valuable thing that we can forget as parents.  Especially when your kids are little, and they need so much of your time.  I think you need to make sure you are carving out time for you.  Whether you have a partner or you’re a single parent.  You need to put your own life vest on before you can help anyone else, so to speak.   I know there will be seasons that dictate how much time you can devote to self care, or date nights, but I think it is crucial to a healthy family.



Tell us the ways you fuel your family’s health and wellness?

We are generally a pretty healthy family.  And both my husband and I cook.  One thing we did when the kids were young, was we didn’t keep any junk food or Soda in the house. We had what we called “treat night” on Fridays.  That was the one night of the week where we had popcorn (usually), or chips, and a small snack.  To this day we don’t keep junk food in the house, but will occasionally have a Friday “treat night”


What’s your favorite way to spend quality time with your children?

On a vacation for sure!  We have had a few really wonderful family vacations over the years, and they are my all time favorite way!  Nothing to do but have fun together, experience new things and talk. 


What’s your kid’s favorite meal you prepare?

Probably have to say Christmas Dinner (Turkey and all the fixings)

3 words your kids would use to describe you?

So, I asked my kids, since they are old enough to do that… and I got a few different answers, as expected.  Britt listed Welcoming, practical (she made sure I knew that in her eyes that was a positive, like being efficient..lol) and motivated.  Abby listed Creative, loyal and meticulous.  And Alex was unavailable for comment!  Lol! (Sorry, that was more than 1 sentence)


What are you currently listening to?

Always love music! I like a little of everything, but I’ve been drawn to Ray LaMontagne and Van Morrison lately…


Currently binge watching or reading?

A little of both 😊 Binge watching Mad Men (I love that it shows a very interesting time period and is based in the world of advertising) and Schitt’s creek (I need a little funny)

And I’m reading a historical novel called Return to Zion. 


Who inspires you?

My mom and my (late)dad, and my husband.


Favorite type of gift to receive from your kids?

Time with them.


What’s your fave preparation method of Millennia TEA to fuel your family’s wellness?

Toss in recipes!  Pasta Sauce, omelets, soup… you get the idea 😉