Millennia TEA and Sobeys Partner to bring Global Health Innovation to All Canadians

Millennia TEA and Sobeys Partner to bring Global Health Innovation to All Canadians

The First “Un-Dried” TEA makes its way into hundreds of Sobeys freezers in Canada



Saint John, NB – A New Brunswick start up that created an all-new way to share one of the oldest and healthiest beverages in the world is getting a big boost.

Millennia TEA and Sobeys have partnered to bring the first-ever raw, un-dried TEA to grocery freezers across Canada.

Tea in the freezer aisle is something that’s never been done before. Millennia TEA co-founder Tracy Bell says working with a Canadian grocery giant rooted in the Maritimes to bring a Maritime innovation across the county was a natural partnership.

“When Covid hit, we were just launching our first scalable product – something we had been working to achieve for more than two years. The natural path to market for a specialty wellness product such as ours is through health stores first, and we had all kinds of interest from health-food buyers for our raw tea. But as soon as the pandemic hit, the health industry stopped taking on new innovation products, and we needed to quickly re-think our business model.

At that time, we had just been accepted to Sobeys’ Support Local program, where they give small businesses the chance to sell in stores near them. We had set up in 10 stores just days before the pandemic. Seeing the demand for our product from consumers because of its naturally-powerful energy and immune-boosting properties, as well as the stress-relieving compounds abundant in the tea plant, our presence in Sobeys grew over the spring and summer to more than 30 locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. So when we asked Sobeys if they would consider working with us to bring fresh tea to the rest of Canada, we were thrilled when they said yes. And to be able to bring that plan into reality is a dream come true,” said Bell.


Millennia TEA is now available in Sobeys and Safeway locations in Canadian cities from coast to coast.

It’s a big step for the start-up a Saint John couple created after a health scare five years ago.

“For our family, back when we had the health scare, we needed the purest and most powerful source of antioxidants to protect health and prevent disease. And today, as the world learns more and more how important antioxidants are to boost wellness, prevent illness, and promote radiant health and natural longevity, we’re proud to be able to share the purest and most naturally-powerful source of EGCG antioxidants with our community, and now, the rest of Canada. 

We’ve had some incredible challenges, not unlike so many companies and communities in the past year,” said Bell. “If I’ve learned anything though during covid, it’s to get laser focused on how what you do is a help to others.”  

Bell says Millennia TEA’s long-term mission is to fuel wellness with the most nutrient-rich teas anywhere, and to establish the global category of “fresh tea.”

“Our vision is for a world where tea is enjoyed together in a powerful, healing way as it was a millennia ago.”

Millennia TEA lives in the freezer section at Sobeys locations, next to the frozen berries and smoothie kits. It can be enjoyed as a hot tea, or as a superfood booster for smoothies and other recipes.

About Millennia TEA Incorporated

Millennia TEA is the first company globally to wash and flash-freeze fresh picked organic tea leaves (instead of cooking them) to deliver the freshest and most antioxidant-rich tea anywhere.

Founded in 2016 after a health scare in the family, Millennia TEA offers the tea in its purest and most naturally-powerful format. Its process for “Maximizing EGCG antioxidants in TEA” is patented – delivering the first washed, whole-plant, food-grade loose tea on the market.

Named “best new product” at the largest specialty tea show in the world (World Tea Expo), Millennia TEA sources organically-grown, hand-picked tea from regions and growing conditions that yield max antioxidants and selectively partner with farmers who care about their harvesters and the planet. Their product was selected as a top new health product of 2021 by the Canadian Health Food Association, and health scientists are calling it a top emerging health trend.  

Headquartered in Saint John, NB, we are on a mission to fuel wellness with the freshest and most antioxidant-rich tea anywhere, and to establish the global category of fresh-leaf tea. Visit