Frozen TEA-Food Now in Loblaws Freezers Across Canada

Frozen TEA-Food Now in Loblaws Freezers Across Canada

A message from Co-Founder Tracy Bell


Our dream for Millennia TEA from the start has been to help people and families from coast to coast (and eventually around the globe) have easy access to frozen green tea, so they can feel better and have more energy.


Fast forward to present, and the dream has become reality.


Millennia TEA products (our convenience-format tea cubes, as well as chopped loose product), are now available at Loblaw-owned grocery stores across Canada, including Atlantic Superstore in the East, Provigo in Quebec, Loblaw, Zehrs, Fortinos and Real Canadian Superstore locations in Ontario, and Real Canadian Superstore locations in Western Canada. We even have our first retail location in the Northwest Territories! Three hundred (300) new locations in total, where Canadians looking for a clean green source of energy and antioxidants can find us in the organic frozen aisle.




Rory and I started this journey back in 2016 because of a health scare in the family. We needed antioxidants to fight free radical damage and learned the most naturally-powerful way to get them was by ‘eating’ the tea plant, called Camellia Sinensis. That learning has led us down a long (and at times arduous) journey around the world, to find the right growing regions, direct-trade farmer partners, and to bring to market the first-ever frozen edible tea product.


It feels so good to experience frozen tea roll out into Canada’s largest grocery retailer. It confirms that even though we have a massive(!) job ahead to (1) educate people about the most consumed beverage in the world after water in a way they’ve never considered before (i.e. fresh frozen vs. dried), (2) then to find it in the HEALTH FREEZER instead of the centre aisles, and (3) more than just steeping it, to consider EATING IT .. that in spite of all of these hurdles, Frozen raw TEA is so good for you that people can SEE & FEEL the difference after adding it to their daily routine.


Friends, knowing we brought something into the world that is actually helping people live longer stronger lives fills me and our TEAm with joy, and represents the good we want to do in the world.




For as long as we’ve had a product in market, Rory and I have imagined the day we’d be able to walk into our local Loblaws store – Atlantic Superstore is the ‘banner name’ here in NB – and buy a bag of Millennia frozen green tea.


To share the moment with our TEAmmates was really special. To get to meet the staff at Superstore and have them share in our excitement made it even more special. And I’m borderline giddy at the knowing that we’re going to be reaching out to customers who have been asking when frozen tea will be available in their community, to let them know where they can find us in store and experience the benefits of enjoying the mighty tea plant in its powerful freshly-frozen format.  



Thanks for being with us on this journey. And visit the store finder page on our web site here to find a full list of our amazing retail partners, including Sobeys, Safeway, Whole Foods, many independent health-food stores, and now Loblaws locations across Canada!


Co-Founder & CEO

- Tracy Bell