We're Hiring - Logistics Coordinator

We're Hiring - Logistics Coordinator

Millennia TEA - Logistics Coordinator

At a start-up, a Logistics Coordinator means lots of things. The overarching responsibility of this role is to manage the network of procurement, production and transportation activities that link us to our supplier partners, retail customers and end consumers, in a way that is cost efficient and effective. The position is also responsible for Inventory Management, Quality Assurance, Supplier Relations, and Process Improvement.


As a start-up there will also be opportunities to get involved in lots of aspects of our larger overall company operations. If there’s an area you’re interested in learning more about and getting involved, we welcome that. And we always have various projects requiring TEAm leads, such as bringing to market new products or creating business cases for new systems or business opportunities.


Who is Millennia TEA?

We are an innovative startup company, whose goal is to educate the consumer on the natural health superfood that is fresh tea.  Our food grade, organic TEA-Food is in a category all its own.


What is Millennia TEA?

Our mission is to fuel wellness with the freshest and most nutrient-rich tea anywhere. That’s why we make tea in a way that’s opposite the rest of the world – washing and flash-freezing fresh-picked tea leaves (instead of drying them out like conventional teas) to safeguard maximum antioxidants and deliver a fresh-from-the-field taste like you’ve never experienced before. Being first to market with our patented process, we are growing quickly, and are looking for a highly motivated individual to help us realize our goals. 


What will the role focus on?  

This role will be overseeing the transportation of product along all points of our supply chain and distribution: from importing product into Canada from our partners in Sri Lanka, and handling the logistical pieces such as customs, storage, and distribution to warehouses in various parts of the country, to leading the build-out of an export plan to expand our operations into the USA.


The role is also the lead for our direct-to-consumer e-commerce shipments. This involves interfacing with our shipping partners and scheduling and assigning warehouse employees, as well as following up on work results to ensure our customers receive their order in a timely manner, with excellent service and in the most cost-efficient way possible. 


We will look to this role to lead the development of strategies, operational policies and practices, and implement plans to improve and standardize all aspect of operations while identifying areas where we can realize cost efficiencies. 


Inventory management is also key in this role.  Developing production schedules, combined with proper forecasting, to maintain accurate inventory at our various storage warehouses, maintaining accurate physical counts, and reconciling with our data storage system.


Quality assurance is another facet of this position that is of great importance. This role will ensure we have top quality tea, to the specifications we require, ordered, delivered, and distributed across Canada to meet the demand/forecast demand of our largest customers.


We place a great deal of importance on our relationships with our various partners.  The individual in this position would be responsible to manage those relationships/agreements with external partners and vendors as well as negotiating with potential new partners. 


As we are a company that is growing quickly, ensuring continuous improvement of operations through data analysis and programs to reduce deviations, provide for on-time delivery, and meet customer quality and cost expectations is critical. 



What you'll do:

  • Plan and oversee all product movements, including customer orders (B2B transportation to warehouses for retail and distributor customers, and B2C orders to consumers across the country).
  • Manage and support the warehouse staff who assemble and execute on shipments.
  • Expand and improve our current logistics systems, to make them more effective and cost-efficient.
  • Scout, pitch and implement new technology and partnership to unlock new innovation and optimization capabilities for the organization as our operations scale and increase in complexity.
  • Partner with our external manufacturing, transportation, warehouse, and supplier partners to optimize our business for quality, scale, and customer satisfaction.
  • Develop commercialization processes and procedures as needed to support increasing complexity of collection offerings.



What kind of partner are we looking for?  

Our ideal TEAmmate has an analytical mind, as well as the ability to pay attention to detail and make decisions quickly. This individual thrives in a constantly-changing, fast-paced and deadline-driven environment and has a high level of integrity and dependability. 

  • Experience in logistics and project management is a must.
  • Experience working with transportation companies and third-party shipping partners is required
  • An understanding of key principles of food safety controls is preferred.
  • Knowledge of how to drive continuous improvement based on key performance indicators, improvement processes.
  • Self motivated and a problem solver, committed to a fast paced work environment.
  • Strong analytical skills, and the ability to present meaningful recommendations and information to company leadership
  • Experience working with 3rd party manufacturing partners for product commercialization and new formula launches.
  • An understanding of product lifecycle management principles.
  • Must be able to function independently & travel as necessary.
  • Ability to distill large volumes of disparate information into meaningful conclusions.
  • Outstanding management, supervision, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to build strong cross-functional relationships with internal leads and external partners.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in computer applications and systems, primarily Microsoft Office Suite.

A post-secondary degree in business administration, supply chain logistics or other related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.


Interested in joining our TEAm? 

If you have the experience we need and are excited by the challenge of building out this important role in a growing organization, we’d love to hear from you! 


Please send your resume and cover letter to admin@millenniatea.com. You’re welcome to call our business manager Kim with any further clarifications at 506-663-5428.