Health Benefits

Tea has been around for thousands of years, and there’s good reason it’s the most popular beverage on earth (after water of course). Long before it was a beverage, tea was considered medicinal – used to prevent and cure various ailments.

For centuries after its discovery, tea was enjoyed with leaves fresh from the plant. It was only when countries started exporting their tea that they started drying and processing the leaves to survive the long journey oversees.

Tea gets its superfood status for its ability to help protect the body’s cells. The role antioxidants play in health promotion makes it an ideal partner in our efforts to fuel wellness.

There are thousands of published studies that speak to the benefits of drinking tea, which include supporting heart health, also dental health and a strong immune system. Tea promotes cognitive function, performance, positive mood and alertness, thanks, in part, to the amino acid L-Theanine.

Tea leaves are rich in flavonoids, which increase antioxidant capacity in the blood. Free radicals, if not neutralized by antioxidants, can lead to disease, including cancer.

Tea is also great for energy and metabolic health to assist in reaching our overall health and wellness goals.

To get the maximum antioxidants and health benefits from tea, it must be consumed in in its raw, fresh form. Unless you live near a tea field, Millennia TEA is the only way to get fresh-leaf tea.

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