Fresh-Leaf TEA

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While quantities last

Six (9) week supply for everyday drinkers

Nine (12) week supply for everyday drinkers

Twelve (12) week supply for everyday drinkers

Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

Each bag makes 20+ cups. We recommend steeping the leaves three times, and more if you’d like (i.e. use the same leaves to make multiple cups of tea)

Ingredient: Real, raw Camellia sinensis tea leaves

Caffeine: Low (approx. 30mg or less than half a cup of coffee per 5g serving)

Shipping: In order to protect the integrity of the product, our teas need to remain frozen. That means we ship by courier service on dry ice.  Flat fee for shipping is $28 for orders of 2 or 3 bags. Shipping is free for orders of 4 bags or more.

We are currently unable to ship one bag of tea. It’s just too expensive with our specialized handling processes.