10 X Superfruit Puree Triple Berry Solos TEST

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Ingredients: Wild Blueberries, strawberries & Cranberries

Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away.

  • No Added Sugar

  • No Added Preservatives

  • Proudly Atlantic Canadian Product

  • NON GMO Certified

  • Vegan Certified 

  • Gluten Free

  • Keto Friendly (Low Carb)

  • Dairy Free

With 100% of your daily antioxidants in a single serving, SuperFruit Purée is a healthy, low carb product that is naturally Good for You! Dip, Drizzle, and Drink your way to better health with our nothing added, nothing taken away, whole-berry, SuperFruit Purée.

SuperFruit Purée has 100% of your daily antioxidants in a single serving. It’s a low carb, all natural, healthy, and a whole-berry puree. This Good for You product boasts a “Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away” motto: that means the entire berry is in your bottle - skin, seeds, and all! In fact, there’s 650 berries worth! This fantastic product is as versatile as it is healthy for you. Use it in a Dip, Drizzle it on your salad, or Drink it right out of the bottle. Its low carb qualities make it a great add-in for all your baking creations as well!