Superfood TEA Cubes

 Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

 One Ingredient: Real, raw & organic Camellia sinensis tea leaves. 

 Caffeine: Low (approx. 30mg, or less than half a cup of coffee per 5mg serving)

In order to protect the integrity of the product, our teas need to remain frozen – just like your frozen fruits and superfoods. That means we ship by courier service on dry ice.

We have a minimum order value of $60 . Doing anything less than this would make the shipping-to-product cost ratio unreasonable.


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Eduardo C.
Canada Canada
Powerful tea

I love your tea. It boost my energy. I used one cube in two ways : hot tea on lunch and smoothly on my dinner. Thanks.

Ann P.
Canada Canada
Millennia tea cubes

I am really enjoying my tea cubes. I was surprised at how fresh and green the leaves were when I added hot water. It makes me feel that I’m getting more nutritional value and of course the tea tastes great with no bitter aftertaste.

Karyn M.
Canada Canada

I am loving both the cubes and the loose tea leaves! On my first cup of tea, I was off my morning latte. Love the light and clean taste and love knowing all that goodness added to my smoothies. I used powdered matcha in my smoothes before but I am pleased to know I am getting an even bigger punch with the fresh tea. I highly recommend!

Marg F.
Canada Canada
Millennia tea

I love this tea. Honestly the best tasting tea leaves I have had. They tea just tastes fresh and I can have three big cups of tea with the same flavoured taste. And it does not taste really strong if I leave it too long or bitter. I would highly recommended. Totally worth it. And it was easy to order on line. Did not take long to get

Dorothy V.
Canada Canada

I really was impressed with Millenia tea, I purchased the cubes and they are convenient & easy to use. The tea tastes refreshing, its healthy and I actually look forward to having it each day, its a great tea, thanks so much.

kimberly D.
Canada Canada
Fantastic tea!! Will order again �

I love the tea cubes but I am not home for a full day often so the next time I might do the leaves instead as the tea cubes are reusable 3 times and I am not reusing as I should be not to be wasteful. The flavour is very fresh and “green” and almost effervescent compared to dry tea leaves and I have a really nice energy lift with no crash at all I highly recommend feel like you are doing something good for yourself!!

Cathy J.
Canada Canada

Superior packaging, quick delivery time. Really nice flavour. Price is high but I will say for quantity received, it’s worth it.

Peggy T.
Canada Canada
Tea cubes

I can’t find a square diffuser to make the tea the cubes do not fit in a round one . There was a promotion where you were giving one away but I must have missed my chance because it was not in my last order I use a filter but it defeats the purpose of less mess .. other than that I love the tea .its light and no after taste non bitterness at all .. love Thank you

Carol H.
Canada Canada
All Tea

I have now tried cubes, loose leaf and chopped tea. Love them all.

Roberta G.
Canada Canada

Have not as yet received them!

Funmi T.
Canada Canada
My beautiful Millenial Tea

If I want to be brutally honest, this is my best Tea ever. I DO NOT regret it one bit, purchasing this item. I am a tea lover, this surpasses all, for me. It's good value for money. Thank you MillenialTea for starting this business. Peace and Love, FTA

Canada Canada
Nice mild tea

If you don’t like the strong taste of green tea this is the tea for you! I’m a green tea drinker and was expected a stronger taste. I surprisingly really enjoy the light mild taste of this tea! It tastes like a mild white tea and you can actually taste the freshness. I will definitely be buying more!

Canada Canada
Energizing. No crash!

Love this tea. Detox! Energy without the crash. :)

Germaine M.
Canada Canada
Millennia Tea

I like the product. Sometime it give me heart burns.

Sharon K.
Canada Canada

I really enjoy the cubes! They are wonderful for smoothies and cooking. Thank you!