Superfood TEA Cubes

 Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

 One Ingredient: Real, raw & organic Camellia sinensis tea leaves. 

 Caffeine: Medium (60mg per 13g cube serving)

In order to protect the integrity of the product, our teas need to remain frozen – just like your frozen fruits and superfoods. That means we ship by courier service on dry ice.

We have a minimum order value of $60 . Doing anything less than this would make the shipping-to-product cost ratio unreasonable.

Unfortunately, at this time we can only ship to Canada.


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Mike R.
Canada Canada
Amazing customer service!

I had an issue with my shipping and the product was delayed and not frozen. This was an issue with the courier not the company. They reshipped the entire order and gave me a bonus !! Love the product and their commitment to service!

Catherine L.
Canada Canada
So happy

Loved finding these tea in my grocery store then looked it up and bought it directly from company great product and delivery service

Kenneth V.
Impressed With Millennia TEA

Overall I am impressed with the Millennia TEA product. I purchased the frozen cubes and found them easy to use and tasted great. The frozen cubes are super convenient for folks on the go, which is a huge plus. One of the big things I noticed is how the tea was not bitter like most green teas. Moreover, I could easily get three large cups of fresh tea from one cube, which impressed me. This product tastes great, but did not make me feel 'healthier' and I feel the health claims they make are a bit of a stretch. Still, good value for what is high quality tea.

A Millennia TEA Customer
Beverley C.
Canada Canada
Love this tea!

I loved the experience of using this tea - it smells so fresh and the taste is subtle and not bitter (like you find with some green tea). Definitely recommend

A Millennia TEA Customer
Micheline L.
Canada Canada
Wow - what a great and healthy product!!

I'd been unable to drink regular green tea no matter how much I read it was healthy for you. I've always thought the taste was awful. Well, I discovered Millennia and have been adding a Millennia Tea cube to my protein shake in the morning and it's absolutely delicious!. I just take a cube out of my freezer and add - so simple & healthy. No wasted organic spinach leaves in the fridge anymore, this is my new "go to". Love it - thank you!

Anne-Marie F.
Canada Canada
Smoothie compliment

This convenient package cubed tea is a great addition to my smoothie. I’m happy knowing that I’m able to consume extra antioxidants on a daily base without measuring! Great find!

Eileen d.
Canada Canada

Just got my cubes still experimenting with them , that is why I’m giving a 4. Still have some learning to do.So far so good .Excellent customer service.

Rhiannon D.
Canada Canada
So Fresh!

Delicious tea. Looked and tasted like it was freshly picked. Such a healthy wholesome thing to be drinking. Best tea ever!

Canada Canada
Fresh and delicious tea!

I followed the directions for this product and steeped it in a cup, adding water the three times. I felt clarity and energy when using it which gave me good focus for a work task on one of the days I was trying it. The tea was super fresh and light tasting. The last cup was a bit weaker but I was using quite a big cup and drank it over the course of a whole morning usually. I then added the remnants of my last cup, leaves and some liquid to a smoothie. The smoothie tasted so light and fresh, it really made a difference. I really enjoyed this tea and love the benefits the freezing process adds.

Shelley H.
Canada Canada
Great antioxidant tea!

I’m hooked! Since receiving my shipment I have used a tea cube in my smoothie daily. On cold days I use the tea leaves brewing in hot water and drink and refill throughout the day and then use the leaves in whatever I’m cooking for supper. I have always been a coffee drinker but now hooked on tea. Love the taste. Thank you for such an amazing product.

Glenn S.
Canada Canada
two thumbs up...

very easy to use. So far I have only used the cubes in a smoothie.

A Great Experience

I am enjoying the Millennia Tea experience. I was skeptical as I am not really fond of any matcha or green teas I have tried in the past as most left an unpleasant aftertaste. I drank the Millennia Tea completely plain and really liked the smooth taste no need for milk or sweetner like I would normally use. There was no after taste like others. The third cup using the same leaves had just as much taste as the first which was awesome!

Debbie S.
Canada Canada
Would recommend!

Super fast shipping, packaged sooo well!! This is a wonderful product, using the frozen tea cubes in our green smoothies to boost antioxidants!!

Energy & Clarity

This product was great. Easy to prepare and nice to drink. There was no aftertaste. I felt more energy and clarity after using it for a few days. I would highly recommend this product over any other green teas on the market today.

John W.
Canada Canada
Strong Stuff- Must Be Healthy

That is some pretty neat packaging to keep it frozen in shipping. Added some Buckwheat honey to my tea to sweeten it up, and increase the health benefits. Enjoy the double use, first in the hot tea, and then into the smoothie, nothing wasted.