Organic Loose TEA


 Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

 One Ingredient: Real, raw & organic Camellia sinensis tea leaves. 

 Caffeine: Low (approx. 30mg, or less than half a cup of coffee per 5mg serving)




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Angela W.
Canada Canada
Millennia Tea

Absolutely love this tea! Have been steeping the leaves and using it in my morning smoothies.. gives me lots of energy! Quality is amazing ! Will definitely be buying more

Jeff L.
Canada Canada
Great tasting tea

My partner and I have thoroughly enjoyed the tea. It is very smooth and without any bitterness even after being steeped multiple times. We both drink it continuously throughout the day and are very happy with our purchase. I would strongly encourage anyone to give it a try.

Gina N.
Canada Canada
Energizing and Calming

I find that drinking Millenia tea gives me energy during day time and calms me down before bedtime. My insomnia is gradually lessen and totally gone after 2 weeks of taking Millenia Tea religiously. I never thought the previous green tea that I used to take for so many years causes my insomnia. I am glad I tried this tea, it's expensive but it is all worthwhile. More Power to your great product!!

Tania R.
Canada Canada
Love it

Great! So friendly!

Joanne F.
Canada Canada

I love this tea!

Joanna A.
So fresh!

Great tea, loaded with antioxidants

Mary L.
Canada Canada
Love it

I am grateful for the contactless to my door delivery during this crazy time. I use the loose leaves as a hot tea as well as add them to my morning protien shake. Thank You!

Judy G.
Canada Canada
Enjoying my tea ..

Fresh tasting .. thank you

Jeff L.
Canada Canada
Lives up to its press

I absolutely love my loose tea leaves. The tea is super smooth with no bitterness and I am easily able to steep 4 times with no loss of flavour. Very happy with my purchase.

Susan M.
Canada Canada
Millennia Tea

Excellent! The large leaves are beautifully presented in a strong freezer proof bag which is resealable. Just a few whole leaves makes a delicious cup of green tea - and I often use the same leaves for two more cups - and I use large mugs for my tea drinking! I prefer a milder taste so only use a few leaves - just add more leaves for a more robust flavour. The tea is shipped to my door very quickly after it leaves the East Coast (I am in BC ) The packages of tea are frozen in dry ice and once I open the parcel the packs of tea go into my freezer - perfect! No more dusty dried old tea leaves! I will only drink the whole green tea leaves for Millennia Tea!

Diane R.
Canada Canada
Drink all day long

Love that the tea leaves just float to the bottom of my cup and never get bitter. I like to drink something hot throughout the day. It's easy to just add more hot water to the same leaves and I feel good knowing I'm getting more health benefits with each cup. I've even started eating the tea leaves after my third or fourth cup. Thanks for a great product!

Jason P.
Canada Canada
Energy without the crash

This tea is an awesome pick me up. I get a good energy boost that is staying throughout the day. Also like that I can just keep topping up my mug during the day with boiling water and leave the tea leaves right at the bottom. So I get lots of fluids, lots of antioxidants and lots of energy.

Catherine M.
Amazing Taste and Benefits

Let me begin with: I don't like green tea. And, let me begin again with: I really enjoy Melenia Tea. The taste is mild, refreshing and just so good! I am a black tea and coffee drinker but happily trade both for a steaming mug (or two) of Melenia Tea. Taste is the number one reason I recommend this tea. I couldn't drink anything that I didn't like. The second reason I would promote this product is the Benefits I recognize from consuming (with pleasure) the tea. I have arthritis in my hands. The condition is called "trigger finger". My joints in two fingers "clunk" when I attempt to bend them. I have to fold and unfold my hands before using them in the morning. This condition can be a real issue for me. However, if I drink Melenia Tea in the morning and afternoon I find the stiffness is a thing of the past. I have run out of tea and disregarded the beneits, didn't bother to get more tea and voila! Clunk returns. So, a delicious beverage with wonderful benefits- an awesome product.

Ryan K.
Healthy option

Enjoyed the taste and very pleased to find an option with high antioxidant content.

My Tea Habit

I have been a fan of Millennia Tea since my first cup. I add water all day and the fresh taste lasts all day, hot and cold. I love that something so habit-forming and enjoyable also has so many health benefits!