Organic Chopped TEA

 Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

 One Ingredient: Real, raw & organic Camellia sinensis tea leaves. 

 Caffeine: Low (approx. 30mg, or less than half a cup of coffee per 5g serving)

In order to protect the integrity of the product, our teas need to remain frozen – just like your frozen fruits and superfoods. That means we ship by courier service on dry ice.

We have a minimum order value of $60 . Doing anything less than this would make the shipping-to-product cost ratio unreasonable.

Unfortunately, at this time we can only ship to Canada.


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Elaine N.
Love the tea!

Overall exemplary transaction. Arrived quickly and the packaging was outstanding. The tea itself was wonderful. Will be back and am telling my friends. Great job, you are obviously passionate about and dedicated to your work.

Steven N.
Canada Canada
My Daily “Go To” Tea

I am a daily tea drinker and enjoy drinking different types of tea depending on my mood for the day. I really enjoy the fresh taste of the Millennia Tea. I drink three infusions per day and save the left over leaves for smoothies. The tea energizes me throughout my work day without the coffee jitters. I love the colour in my clear travel mug. A lot of thought has gone into the professional packaging and the shipment box. Love the dry ice and had fun using the dry ice for science experiments!

Lisa D.
Canada Canada
Love that there is no bitterness!

I was excited to receive my order and was amazed at how this item is delivered fully frozen using dry ice. Quite impressive delivery setup for sure! My husband and I are currently enjoying our 2nd cup of this tea, we chose to blend the leaves in our Vitamix with hot water so that we could consume the leaves while we drank the tea without any bits or pieces to contend with. We chose this method based on information found on the website for getting the most benefit from this tea. It comes out looking just like a cup of matcha green tea. Love that there is no bitterness to this tea, it’s very smooth. Look forward to many future cups!

Glenn S.
Canada Canada
two thumbs up...

purchased both the cubes and loose leaf and am just starting to use it and so far so good. Thank you, keep up the good work. Delivery and product was all good.

Jocelyn F.
Canada Canada
Enjoying The Tea Very Much

Love the tea and how delicate it is without the bitterness of the green tea in the bags. Also like that I can use the leftover leaves in smoothies and food. I like the fact that you can get 3 drinks out of one serving and then eat up the leaves in whatever you desire. Cost effective and reaping the health benefits. Thanks for a great product.

Tania B.
Canada Canada

I am a big green tea drinker and this is by far the best I’ve tasted. I love that it’s pure and untouched. Just picked and frozen so we get the best of the plants. So many great benefits, tastes great and it arrived quickly. Tracy was so helpful and I would recommend anyone give it a try.

Wendy S.
Canada Canada
Tea Cubes Vs Chopped Tea

This was my second order. Love the tea. Previously I had ordered the chopped tea. This time I purchased a few of the cubes along with the diffuser. For making a cup of tea I do not do not like them as well as the chopped. I am finding that I need two cubes in order to make a good cup of tea or it has to steep forever. I will definitely try one in a smoothie. I understand why they have to be packaged the way they are but I have to say that I disagree with so much plastic packaging. I feel that there is definitely less value in this format.

Canada Canada
First time customer, amazing tea!

The tea is delicious and easy to use and incorporate into my day whether it be morning tea, smoothies, or even in meals. Customer service with Millenia was great - quick and personalized even though it was just over email.

Daniel D.
Canada Canada
This TEA is soooooo Good!

This is a nice healthy stocking stuffer that my wife will be excited to receive. The infuser and cup will be put to good use.

Pat S.
Canada Canada
Wonderful Tea

I put the loose tea in my smoothie each day and love the taste and also the fact that it is so high in antioxidants! Great product!

Karen L.
Canada Canada
Absolutely LOVE Millennia Tea!

I have tried the Chopped Tea, the Tea Cube and the Loose Tea and love them all. I’ve steeped them, blended them in smoothies, added them to soups and chilis. I love everything about Millennia, from the way they pick and process the leaves for superior nutritional value to the care in packaging. Perfect combination of taste and nutritional value!

Judi M.
Canada Canada
Light fresh taste

I am not normally a tea drinker but from reading about Millenia Tea I wanted to take advantage of the antioxidants which are very important to our health. The tea has a light fresh taste that is absolutely not overpowering. Very good served hot and cold.

Marilynn C.
Canada Canada
Excellent product and people!

The best tea I have ever tasted, no bitterness or aftertaste. The interaction I have had with personnel has been totally positive and helpful!

Mackenzie B.
Canada Canada
A Great Product And A Terrific Customer Experience

My first experience with Millenia Tea occurred when I met Tracy Bell at the Toronto Tea Festival in 2020. She was magnetically friendly in a sincere way. To me, Millenia Tea's brand is infused with qualities I observed in Tracy, such as a reliance on research and a passion for health. I think that's the kind of integrity that differentiates brands. I recently placed my first order through the Millenia Tea website and was looking forward to the arrival of my Fresh-Leaf Tea with much anticipation. Not only did the product arrive on time, but Tracy also went above and beyond to make my experience exceptional! Recognizing my name in the order and remembering our previous interrelation, Tracy had included a handwritten note and a complimentary package of Superfood Tea Cubes! To me, this special attention and personal connection is part of what makes Millenia Tea unique. Since trying Millenia Tea's products, I have urged the health-conscious people in my life, such as family members, to order Millenia Tea.

Barbara J.
Canada Canada

Convenient to use. Was expecting 'fresh tea' taste as per your description. No matter what water temperature I use, there is a bitter taste. Disappointed