Cheers to all fathers & father figures

Here's to you and your health <3


Father's day is fast approaching... and we have the perfect gift

We’ve teamed up with some great Canadian companies to give the dad or father figure in your life, the gift of comfort, food & wellness.

One LUCKY winner will receive a prize pack valued at over $672! It includes:

Millennia TEA Superfood Staple - Valued at $100

-Superfood Tea & Glass Tumbler

Tuxy “The Ultimate One Piece” - Valued at $219.95

-The Original Tuxy (Any colour or Size)

Fuego Diablo Premium Steaks - Valued at $219.99

- 2 Gold Label Bone in Striploin Steak (13 oz.)

- 2 Gold Label Boneless Ribeye Steaks (13 oz.)

Earthli Sustainable Plant Based Protein - Valued at $133

- Green Apple Hemp Protein Powder

- Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder

- 1 Bag Hemp Hearts

Let's talk energy

If you are looking at options to either supplement your caffeine use or lower it, another key bonus of TEA vs. COFFEE is the superhero amino acid: L-theanine. It’s the awesome caffeine regulator that gives you the energy + clarity without the jitters or crash!

Getting to know some of the faces behind Millennia TEA

A chat with our guys

We loved highlighting the women in our team so much on Mother's Day, it's time to put the Millennia TEA men in the spotlights! We hope you enjoy getting to know the TEAm as much as we enjoy introducing them to you.

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours. We appreciate you all so much!

Freshly frozen tea leaves in your smoothie?

That's correct! Get the max amount of nutrients the tea leaf has to offer and use our Superfood TEA Cubes or Chopped Organic TEA as a smoothie booster.

Freshly frozen TEA leaves vs. Dried

with James Mullinger