At Millennia TEA, we're on a mission to fuel wellness with the freshest and most antioxidant-rich tea anywhere.  Together with our partners in Sri Lanka, we pick, wash and flash-freeze our tea leaves. The result: a cup of tea as powerful as five cups of green tea, and the first food-grade tea to provide an antioxidant boost to your smoothies, sauces, soups and more.


That's correct! A popular way to use our Superfood TEA Cubes or Chopped Organic TEA is as a smoothie booster. Since the warmer weather is right around the corner and we gathered a few of our delicious smoothie recipes to share with you.

But first...

Let's take you on a journey

How it started...

We are a company born out of a health scare. We learned there’s a powerhouse antioxidant in tea that’s well researched and incredibly effective at neutralizing free radicals and protecting cells. It’s called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), and it’s found in tea.

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The next step...

We spent years developing a way to share the freshest and most antioxidant-rich version of tea with you - pure, un-dried leaves, kept as fresh as when they were picked from the field in Sri Lanka. Our process is simple: We pick, wash and flash-freeze organic, farmer-direct tea leaves.

The science behind TEA.

How it's going...

Our dream from the start has been to help people from coast to coast have easy access to frozen TEA, so they can feel better and have more energy. Our TEA is now available in over 700 locations across Canada, including at Loblaws owned stores, Sobeys, Whole Foods and many more!

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How to serve

There are a few different ways in which you can enjoy our freshly forzen TEA.

HOT TEA (300-400ml serving):
1. Put 1 cube – or – a Tbsp of chopped tea in your tea infuser or directly into a mug or pot.
2. Fill up with boiling water (90°C).
3. Steep 6-7mins (adjust as needed).
4. Enjoy!

*Note: No need to remove your tea leaves. You can leave them steeping continuously, and just keep re-adding boiling water throughout the day to the same leaves. Antioxidants go up on second infusion (i.e. your second cup), and keep performing well on third infusion, so please re-infuse your serving of tea multiple times.

Other Ways to Use Your TEA - The tea is also enjoyed chilled. Simply steep as normal and serve over ice.

Pop a cube or some loose tea in your favourite smoothie or soup recipe for an antioxidant and energy boost. We love to first enjoy a cup of hot tea and then scoop the steeped leaves in a smoothie afterwards. You can also use fresh-leaf tea as a way to add immune-boosting nutrients to your soups, stews or omelettes.

**Remember: The stems are REALLY good for you! L-theanine levels (the amazing amino acid / caffeine regulator that helps ease anxiety, promotes clarity, zen-like focus, good sleep, brain functioning) are higher in the tea stem than the tea leaves themselves, so brew them up and use them too!

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