Customer Reviews

  • Convenient way to boost your superfood/antioxidant game!!I have IBS and noticed a difference since taking this tea. My body feels like it's actually processing food better and I don't feel as bloated as I usually do! I also noticed I have far less food cravings and am more satiated by the meals I eat. The tea itself tastes great but I love how convenient it is to throw in to my daily smoothies for an extra kick. If you're looking for a health boost, this is an easy way to get it and you'll notice results quickly. Highly recommend!!


  • I was skeptic that one tea could offer so many benefits but I'm happy to say Millennia Tea did provide changes for me. Suffering from IBS for over 30 years, and very little relief but after having my first taste of this tea before bed, I woke without tummy issues which I couldn't tell you the last time that happened. I also noticed my head felt clearer.


  • I really enjoy this product! It's an excellent high quality green tea (definitely the best I have tried). It adds a really nice subtle flavour to smoothies, and is also great as a regular hot tea product. Very convenient that you can just keep replenishing the water throughout the day and don't have to take the leaves out. Would definitely recommend this product!


  • This is the best tasting green tea I have ever had. It is refreshing with no burnt or bitter taste. I can say I feel good about drinking multiple cups a day for the health benefits. It is a little pricey, but the fact that you can re-boil the leaves up to 3 times and how fresh it is makes the investment well worth it.


  • The Millennia Tea was a fantastic product to help with a variety of issues I face with pain. The taste was great in both the form of a hot tea as well as a smoothie. I would recommend this superfood solution to friends and family!


  • I would definitely recommend this product to tea lovers or anyone looking to add more antioxidants to their diet. My absolute favourite thing about this product is how it comes frozen! No tea bag, no dried leaves. A completely fresh product that is ready to enjoy in 6 minutes. I found this product to have a very earthy flavour but it didn't leave a bad after taste that I usually get with green teas. I usually consumed it in the evening because I found it helped my body to relax and I always got a better sleep because of it. I also enjoy adding a cube into my breakfast omelette! It doesn't have much flavour but I love knowing I’m adding more antioxidants into my diet in such an easy way. I would recommend this method to anyone who may not enjoy the flavour. Smoothies were also a great way to enjoy these tea cubes, just make sure you blend them up well. Will be repurchasing!


  • This product was great. Easy to prepare and nice to drink. There was no after taste. I felt more energy and clarity after using it for a few days. I would highly recommend this product over any other green teas on the market today


  • The leaves are fresh and the perfume is amazing! You can definitely taste an unique flavour that I have never experienced before, even being a frequent green tea consumer. By consuming it I was able to skip my morning coffee without feeling any sort of abstinence symptom. I feel healthier when using this product and definitely I recommend it for a good health.


  • What a great tasting healthy drink! The tea is smooth and tastes mild with a refreshing after taste. The tea leaves settle at the bottom of the cup within a minute and you do not need a special steeper to prepare. I really enjoyed the soft, smooth tea leaves that are easy to chew and increase the health benefits of the tea. It is easily added to smoothies and blend very well.


  • I am enjoying the Millennia Tea experience. I was skeptical as I am not really fond of any matcha or green teas I have tried in the past as most left an unpleasant aftertaste. I drank the Millennia Tea completely plain and really liked the smooth taste no need for milk or sweetner like I would normally use. There was no after taste like others. The third cup using the same leaves had just as much taste as the first which was awesome!