At Millennia TEA, we fuel wellness

We believe tea – in its purest form – is a perfect partner in promoting clarity, focus, energy and overall well being.

That’s why we keep our tea leaves in their most real, raw, natural state.

Picking, Washing and Flash freezing to safeguard maximum nutrients and deliver a fresh-from-the-field taste like you have never experienced before.

Why we started

Our founders tell the story of Millennia TEA. How a brain cancer scare in the family took them to the origins of the most consumed beverage on the planet (after water). And led them to create a global award-winning tea.


To help people be healthy and happy by sharing the freshest and most nutrient rich teas anywhere.

Giving Back

Like a good cup of tea, we think success is best enjoyed with others. We will measure ours by what we’re able to give back. For every 100lbs of tea sold, we deliver a pound to families fighting disease. Because sometimes a comforting cup of tea can help.

Meet the TEAm

Rory Bell
Rory is the founder and visionary for creating the freshest and most nutrient-rich teas anywhere. His focus is on the science and product development. He’s our operations lead and chief strategist.

Tracy Bell
Tracy thrives on making vision reality. Her top priority is people. Establishing partnerships with passionate health advocates and growing relationships with those organizations and families who want maximum benefit from their tea. It’s why we started the company.

Boaz Katah
Boaz is our farmer partner in Kenya and he produces beautiful teas. His passion centres on producing organically-grown, specialty teas and advocating for the families, farms and communities who work in the industry.