WHAT IF THE TEA THAWS AFTER I RECEIVE IT?2017-10-22T14:59:48-04:00

Like other frozen produce, the tea should be kept frozen until you are ready to prepare it. If left at room temperature over several hours, the tea will begin to oxidize. It will begin to lose some of its health benefits, but it is not harmful and can safely be refrozen.

IS IT ORGANIC? HOW ABOUT FAIR TRADE?2017-10-22T14:59:32-04:00

Our growing partner in the highlands of Kenya, bordering the Great Rift Valley, cultivates entirely without the use of pesticides. They meet all of the requirements of organic certification and are in the process of obtaining it. We go a step further than fair trade by working with the farmers’ co-op directly for our hand-picked leaves.

HOW LONG WILL A BAG LAST?2017-10-22T14:58:55-04:00

Unlike conventional teas, our tea leaves continue to deliver high levels of antioxidants through multiple infusions. This means you can use the same leaves over and over. So if you are drinking Millennia TEA most every day, one bag will last about three weeks.

HOW DOES IT TASTE?2017-10-22T14:57:08-04:00

Both the scent and flavour are refreshing and mild. As conventional teas are dried, heated and handled, the flavour gets more pronounced. Because we minimize exposure to heat, light, and air to safeguard the maximum amount of antioxidants, our teas maintain that fresh-from-the-field quality. They have a light, almost leafy flavour, with notes of green vegetables. What they don’t have is the bitterness or astringency of conventional green teas. The purple fresh leaf has a slightly sweet taste.


The purple leaf is a cultivar of Camellia sinensis. Developed over decades by researchers, farmers started growing purple tea in 2011. Just like the similar-coloured superfoods acai berries, blueberries and pomegranates, purple tea leaves contain super antioxidants called anthocyanins. Studies have shown anthocyanins to be effective at fighting free radicals, improving immune health, reducing inflammation, and slowing brain function degeneration.

WHAT IS THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO DRINK IT?2017-11-08T20:19:14-04:00

The healthiest way to drink it is to put it in the blender with hot or cold water. This way, you consume the entire leaf and get the maximum health benefit.

Preparing it like any other loose-leaf tea will still give you fives times the antioxidants than a quality green or white tea made from the same leaves. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare our teas.

PS: Fresh tea leaves don’t get bitter like green teas, so there’s no need to even take the leaves out of your cup after your tea is steeped. You can leave them right in your pot or infuser and just keep adding hot water all day.

IS THIS GREEN TEA, OR WHITE TEA, OR WHAT?2017-10-22T14:55:58-04:00

We call it Millennia “fresh-leaf” tea. All tea starts the same way – from the same plant – called Camellia sinensis. After the leaves are picked, the way they are processed turns them into green, white, black or oolong tea. They are heated and dried; ours are flash-frozen within hours of picking, making it a whole new category of its own.

WHY IS THE MINIMUM ORDER TWO BAGS?2017-10-22T14:55:32-04:00

We want you to get as much tea as possible for your money. In order to prevent the cost of the specialized shipping and special handling required from exceeding the cost of our tea, we established a minimum order of two bags.


The key to delivering the healthiest tea available is to keep it frozen. It is shipped to you on dry ice, which adds weight and requires special handling and packaging.