Organic Loose TEA - $39

Due to unprecedented supply chain & logistics issues, we apologize that our loose leaf tea is out of stock. 

Please know that all three of our products are made from the same great fresh leaves, with the same health benefits, just chopped and packaged in different ways depending on desired use. 

We hope to offer our beautiful whole leaves again soon, thank you for your patience. - Tracy & Rory

Loose Leaf: Experience.

The whole leaf, preserved in its purest, unaltered form. The experience of enjoying tea fresh from the field. Two leaves & a bud

This TEA is perfect for: The Experience Curator. This is the beautiful full-leaf tea you serve when you want to impress your guests. 

 Taste: Leafy and light. Refreshing, and without the bitterness or astringency you get at the back of the mouth with green teas.

 One Ingredient: Real, raw & organic Camellia sinensis tea leaves. 

 Caffeine: Medium (60mg per 13g cube serving)


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Michael D.
United States United States
I'm Addicted!

Hit the MT web site 'cuz I ran out of tea and need to order more. Oh, I can leave a review? **** YEAH! I'm in love with this stuff. I've been a green tea snob for decades (alternating Gunpowder and Sencha primarly). Then I tasted MT. Ermahgerd indeed. Smitten! I drink about a liter of MT every day. When I run out and go back to the 'cooked' stuff it's such a disappointment.

Smooth Taste

What a great tasting healthy drink! The tea is smooth and tastes mild with a refreshing after taste. The tea leaves settle at the bottom of the cup within a minute and you do not need a special steeper to prepare. I really enjoyed the soft, smooth tea leaves that are easy to chew and increase the health benefits of the tea. It is easily added to smoothies and blend very well.

Issa A.
Canada Canada
The best

Wasn’t expecting such tasty tea

A Millennia TEA Customer
Michelle G.
Canada Canada
Best Tea I've tried!

Where do I begin? Millennia tea has changed the way I view tea! I am so impressed by all three of their products - I couldn't choose which one I like the best. The cubes are such a fun way to add into your smoothies or soups (which by the way I didn't even think to do!). And the fresh tea leaves make tea drinking that much more enjoyable. Thanks Millennia for creating such an amazing product. I can't recommend you enough!

Rowleen N.
Canada Canada
Organic Tea Leaves

I love the taste of the fresh tea leaves. I also love that I can customise the strength of the tea by how many leaves I put in the cup. The tea arrived promptly and was packaged well by preserving its freshness.

Christine F.
Canada Canada
Delicious and soothing

Love this loose leaf tea, mild soothing flavor. I re-use the leave several times then chop the them up and add them to my eggs in the morning. delicious

Jeff L.
Canada Canada
Smooth Drinking

I have been drinking this tea for a while now and it lives up to its billing. Absolutely no bitterness and I am easily able to steep 3-4 times. I really enjoy the flavour and strongly recommend it to everyone. Give it a try and you will be impressed.

Canada Canada
Green Tea Cubed

I enjoyed the freshness of Milennia Tea coming right from the freezer meanwhile preserving nutrients/antioxidants. I enjoyed the taste and it was convenient. I only wish that the cubed products used less plastic somehow within the bag. Other than that great product~!

Hilda d.
Canada Canada

Never a tea drinker until I tried this tea. Drink it all day. I was interested in the properties of it & impressed.

Michou S.
Canada Canada
Yummy tea

I ordered this tea and voila it arrived pretty much instantly. Lovely smooth tasting tea. I ordered one of each type. The cubes need a lot of water or less brewing time for my taste. Overall a very satisfying experience coupled with great customer service.

Canada Canada

Very nice. I can have this tea late in afternoon and can still sleep at nigh. No bitter taste as you may get with green tea. Fantastic packing with the dry ice when it arrived!

Jennifer A.
Canada Canada
Spectacular and easy to use!

The tea is so easy to use. I’m doing three steeps for each serving then I’m putting the used leaves into the Vitamix and making a smoothie with them. I figure this is using every bit of goodness in them. I also bought some fruit infusion tea and add a teaspoon to two pucks of Mellennia tea to give a lovely sweet taste to the tea. Perfect! Thank you for sending such great stuff.

Canada Canada
Great packaging, perfectly flash frozen without any freezer burn, great taste

I was really surprised how much effort they put into packaging the tea so it stayed frozen properly on dry ice. The tea leaves are whole and a very healthy green. The taste is very light and refreshing and the caffeine is subtle but gives a clean stimulating effect. I ordered the tea Monday and it arrived Wednesday from Toronto Area to Montreal.

Jill C.
Canada Canada

The tea was delivered very quickly. Easy to make a soothing cup of tea. Great taste, not bitter. I would recommend

Eve G.
Canada Canada
excellent product

Communication was good and shipping was fast. The tea came carefully packaged with dry ice. The tea itself tastes good.