Give Your Immune System a Green TEA Boost

Give Your Immune System a Green TEA Boost

Green TEA was discovered a millennia ago, when the second emperor of China was drinking a pot of steaming water, and fresh tea leaves blew into his bowl.

He loved the taste and began to learn about the life-giving, healing properties of the leaves.

With that, the world of TEA was born.

Thousands of years ago, TEA was considered medicinal – used to prevent and cure various ailments. Traditionally, the populations of Japan, China and India have cherished green tea as medicine to boost the immune system. So, how exactly do these leaves help improve immunity?

Tea gets its superfood status for its ability to help protect our body’s cells. The role antioxidants play in health promotion makes it an ideal partner in our efforts to fuel wellness. Several studies have also shown that green tea has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses.



Green TEA Antioxidant Properties

The secret to green tea’s ability to ward off diseases lies in its antioxidant properties. There is a powerhouse antioxidant in tea, called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), and if you drink tea for health, you drink it for EGCG. Its antioxidant capacity is 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 25 times more effective than Vitamin E in protecting DNA from damage by free radicals. The author of the University of Kansas study Dr. Mitscher says, “I’m not making any claims, but, used in conjunction with a healthful diet and exercise program, it’s like an insurance policy. It increases your odds of avoiding or postponing diseases associated with free radicals.”

Research today says EGCG is the polyphenol antioxidant with the broadest and most potent ability to protect your body’s cells from disease.

Antioxidants are highest in fresh-picked tea leaves. Levels drop off with prolonged exposure to heat, light, and air, which is how all traditional teas are processed. At Millennia TEA, we created an entirely NEW category of tea: FRESH TEA. We did this because by simply picking, washing, and flash-freezing our leaves and serving them in raw, food-grade form – we MAXIMIZE antioxidants and associated health benefits.

TEA.DONE.DIFFERENT. has become our slogan at Millennia TEA, because by producing tea OPPOSITE of the rest of the world, we share a cup filled with 5x MORE of the powerhouse EGCG antioxidant than any green tea on the shelf.



Green TEA Antimicrobial Properties

Want to ward off growth of bacteria and viruses in general?  Many studies have shown that green tea has antimicrobial properties that can do just that.

Two particular polyphenol catechins, EGCG and ECG have the ability to suppress the activities of bacterial and viral factors and can even reverse the resistance of tough pathogens. ECG and EGCG have the ability to penetrate through barriers of cell membranes. The result: these two catechins alter the functions of bacteria and viruses by disrupting their cytoplasmic membrane making them vulnerable to antibiotics.

The benefits of green tea go on and on. There is a substantive body of medical and scientific research that speaks to tea’s role in supporting the prevention of certain types of cancer, as well as protecting your heart against heart disease, reducing inflammation, and improving brain function. Clinicians say it may even lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Along with fighting disease and strengthening your immune system, green tea boosts metabolism, benefits skin care, improves mood and increases overall life expectancy.

‘Tea is a miraculous medicine for the maintenance of health. Tea has an extraordinary power to prolong life. Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow.’
~How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea, Zen monk 1211



Green TEA Daily Superfood Boost for Immunity:

We all find ourselves constantly asking “how can I stay healthy?” or “how can I keep my family healthy?” We have access to so many sources of information and products that it becomes overwhelming and daunting (also pricey). It’s important to pick a few superfoods that are nutrient dense and that can be used in multiple ways.

If you love sipping tea but get a little bored with a traditional cuppa, or if you prefer other beverages all together, here are a few ways to incorporate Millennia TEA’s Superfood Cubes or Loose-Leaf Tea into your daily life.

  • Add in fresh ginger or fresh turmeric with lemon for a hot Immune-Boosting Tonic that packs a punch.
  • Toss a Superfood Tea Cube into your favourite smoothie (when FRESH-LEAF TEA leaves are fully consumed, they maximize tea’s healing properties).
  • Add a Superfood Tea Cube to a pasta sauce, soup, omelet or bone broth as an antioxidant booster (or to hide the greens from children, while still fuelling them with antioxidants their little bodies need).

We want you to stay fuelled and feel your best.

Supercharge your health with Millennia Tea.