5 Hottest Health Food Trends in 2021

5 Hottest Health Food Trends in 2021

Author: Millennia TEA’s Official Science Steeper - Allison Tannis, MSc RHN

Be inspired by the most popular health food trends of the year.

The pandemic has left us feeling globally-connected, yet more alone than ever, and it’s driving unique, wonderfully inspiring health food trends in 2021. There’s an intense desire to find ways to nourish ourselves, and the planet too. Moved to live healthier, and preserve all we hold dear on this planet, many of the hottest health food trends in 2021 are magnificently motivating.

How can I be healthy in 2021?

The best thing you can do to be healthy in 2021 is to focus on your mental health. Unable to control the pandemic, it’s created stress in our lives that will continue to play a major role in our health this year. Learning new ways to cope can help: practice time blocking, try meditation, and continue to build strong connections with others, particularly with the pandemic’s need for physical separation. Eating healthy can help you reduce stress naturally – it can be as simple as adding a side salad to lunch, or sipping on a comforting, hot mug of fresh green tea. Throughout your day find joy in movement to relieve stress and improve sleep.


The 5 Hottest Health Food Trends in 2021

  • Immune Health
  • Foods that Fight Climate Change
  • Fresh, Plant-based, Whole-Foods
  • Microgreens
  • Home Baristas


1. Immune Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many people to the importance of their immune health. Consumers are buying more immune-supporting health products and looking for ways to boost their immune system naturally, including traditionally popular herbal supplements, such as echinacea, as well as plant-based whole foods, such as mushrooms and green tea, known to boost the immune system.


2. Foods That Fight Climate Change

There’s an awakening among shoppers, realizing the power in their purchases, setting the stage for one of the hottest health food trends in 2021 to be foods that fight climate change. Growing awareness of many certified logos, shoppers are becoming more inclined to flex their muscles, using their shopping dollars to drive change. Shoppers are looking for foods with a lower carbon footprint, and products that are harvested and made in a way that is both socially and environmentally-responsible. Are you wanting to buy more foods that fight climate change? Look for products featuring certified logos, such as Canada Organic, USDA organic, and Direct Trade.


3. Fresh, Plant-Based Whole Foods

Exhausted with restrictive diet trends, and handfuls of supplements, there’s been a shift towards fresh, plant-based whole foods. People are interested in fresh whole foods for their nutrient-rich properties. When a plant is picked, it is in its peak freshness and contains the most nutrients. Eating fresh, plant-based whole foods means that nutrient profile is preserved. Fresh, whole foods, particularly those with immune-boosting benefits are set to be amongst the hottest health foods in 2021.



4. Microgreens

Tiny, baby versions of bigger plants like broccoli or kale, microgreens have traditionally been something you’d find on top of your meal at a high-end restaurant. But, a growing interest in fresh, plant-based, whole foods, like microgreens, has these teeny plants sprouting up in local grocery stores. Colourful, cute, and packed with nutrients, microgreens are another extension of the growing appetite for fresh, plant-based, whole-foods.


5. Home Baristas

More of us are working from home today than ever before, meaning we are making our own cups of caffeine-rich delights each morning, instead of the barista at the local coffee shop. As such, home baristas will be one of the hottest health food trends in 2021. Without access to our favourite baristas, many of us are impelled to learn how to make our own frothy lattes, or pour-overs. We’re perfecting our own beverage making skills, discovering the perfect temperature for brewing, and the most nutritious tea. Home baristas are steeping and brewing more and more this year.

The FRESH TEA Difference

Good for the plant and its people, Millennia Tea fresh tea is a green, plant-based, whole food setting it on top of the list of the hottest health food trends in 2021. Harvested in ways that are good for the planet and the people too, Millennia Tea truly is tea done differently. Sociably responsible farming ensures the farmers who nurture the organic Millennia Tea plants, and hand-pick the leaves are paid fairly so they can also lead healthy, successful lives. Did you know most teas are not washed? Washing teas helps removes any environmental pollutants and bacteria, ensuring your leaves are pure and ready to eat (or brew).  Millennia Tea is hand-picked, washed, and quickly flash-frozen to ensure the leaves you pull out of your freezer at home are the freshest, purest, most nutrient-dense, food-grade tea leaves you will ever find. Be trendy this year: put some fresh tea leaves in your smoothie – it’s delicious and nutritious!