4 Unexpected Ways That Your Eating is Changing: Why the Foods You’ll Be Buying from Grocery Stores are Shifting

4 Unexpected Ways That Your Eating is Changing: Why the Foods You’ll Be Buying from Grocery Stores are Shifting

Author: Millennia TEA’s Official Science Steeper - Allison Tannis, MSc RHN

Food trends are changing what you're eating, but is it a healthy shift?

The lines are getting blurred in the grocery store aisles between foods and supplements, and it’s having some unexpected impacts on what you’re eating. From reimagined classics to innovating products that reduce food waste, there are some fascinating food trends that are going to change what you buy from the grocery store. Here are the top food trends that are impacting what you eat, and whether or not, it’s a healthy shift.


4 Unexpected Ways Your Food is Changing

  • Classics are being reimagined
  • Reducing food waste is driving innovation
  • Newest celebrity foods are immune boosters
  • Plant Imposters
  • Blurring the line between supplements and food


Reimagined Classics

So many classics, such as salad dressings are looking a little SEEDY, but it’s a healthy change. Reimagined salad dressings now include sunflower seed oil or pumpkin seed oil. Chickpeas are no longer just for hummus. You will soon find chickpeas transformed into snack puffs, pasta, and even cereal. Don’t think cauliflower has gone far enough after it turned into pizza crust and rice because it’s now popcorn. Check out the buzz on where you might find coffee next – it’s not in a mug. Coffee-flavoured granolas, bars, and yogurt are hitting grocery store shelves.


A Surge in Functional Foods

Functional foods are not new. Starting back in the 1990s, margarine with plant sterols and orange juice with added calcium were amongst the first functional foods to hit grocery store shelves. Recently, one of the biggest trends on grocery store shelves is functional foods, from waters with added collagen to peanut butter with added adaptogens (reishi mushrooms) – talk about a FUNGI to hang out with at lunch.

Plant Imposters

From honeydew jerky to eggs made from plants, everywhere you turn there are plants pretend to be all sorts of traditionally-animal-based foods. There’s even plant-based shrimp made with seaweed and plant protein. Not to mention how plant-based milks have OATally taken over the dairy aisle, including ice cream and cheese. Expect to see more plant imposters at the store – and that’s a good thing! It’s good to eat plants.


Innovators that Reduce Food Waste

Instead of pitching stems and peels into the compost bin, companies are working to reduce food waste in some innovative ways. UnaPEELing or otherwise neglected plants, or parts of plants, are finding their way into packaged products. Even ugly fruit is being sliced and dried, transforming them into beautiful dried peaches, apricots, or even kiwi. Reminder: Don’t compost your brewed Millennia Tea leaves! Keep them and use them in your smoothie or next salad dressing – there’s a lot of nutrients in those leaves still, and they have a delightful, subtle taste.


Newest Food Celebrity: Immune Boosters

Adding in a few additional ingredients known to promote health is one of the biggest trends in grocery store aisles that will be changing what you’re eating. With growing interest in foods that support the immune system, including superfood honeys and latte mixes with turmeric. Maybe make some space in your pantry, as new immune-boosting broths will need MUSHROOM.

Are the Hottest Food Trends Actually a Healthy Choice?

Consumer demand is the greatest influence on grocery store aisles. It drives the biggest trends that change what we eat. However, consumer demands are not always based on health – they may be driven by pleasure, desire, or social change. However, many of the biggest trends in food are actually healthy choices. Take for example a functional foods, which by definition is a food with enhanced nutrition, known to have physiological benefits and reduces the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional function. Among those surveyed, 80% of consumers agree that functional foods and beverages can help to maintain or improve health and wellness. Functional foods exemplify the evolution in food – the trend towards creating fuel with greater health benefits. However, there are some imposters, including healthy ingredients transformed through processing or added less-healthy ingredients into snacks and other convenience foods.


The Hottest Food Trend 

This HOT food trend is so COOL! No wonder it was presented the Innovation Award by Sobey’s, - Millennia Tea’s reimagined a classic. A fast-growing brand, Millennia Tea is available at retailers across Canada. It’s no surprise: tea leaves are known to boost immunity, reduces food waste, and are one of the best examples of a blurred line between a food and a supplement. Have you tried it yet?